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Welcome to BUILD Ghana. BUILD, Bringing Up Individual Development, is a group of committed and devoted individuals from Ghana and across the world with the aim of providing assistance and encouragement to vulnerable Youth in Ghana. BUILD is a coalition under Sustainable Empowerment & Development (SED) Consult and Sustainable Empowerment & Development Initiative (SEDI) and as such, all administrative activities are directed through SED Consult.

We Engage

All individuals in the selected vulnerable group by interacting and socializing with them alongside providing adequate assistance in the areas of community and personal development. We make sure our presence is felt

We Encourage 

Youth across Ghana to gain perspective and belief in their own capabilities by raising awareness of the importance of their future and becoming sustainable adults in our communities.

We Stand

For Youth development and the empowerment of all vulnerable Youth through coaching and meaningful connection. BUILD exploits member’s capacity by enabling members with the ability and tools to impact the vulnerable through training and personal development coaching.

What to Expect When You Join BUILD Ghana

• Broaden your social and professional network with individuals across the world
• Connect with likeminded people who are change makers in their community
• Promote your business and share ideas for growth and partnership
• Have a direct impact on the future of young people’s lives
• Equally valued ideas and participation from each member


Members of BUILD have the unique opportunity to engage with like minded individuals and changemakers across the world.Here we can share ideas for growth and partnership in our personal businesses and career endeavors whilst impacting the lives of young people through capacity building, fund raising, and hands-on project coordination and participation

add-on Projects



To Promote Youth Entrepreneurship in Ghana


Real Estate Agency

Advisory unit for affordable accommodation in Ghana


Contact Us

P.O. Box SK 2080, Tema, Ghana

Room 35, Shalom Mall, near Shell Station
Achimota new station, Achimota, Accra.

+233 244-653518 / +233 26 255 4457

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